What is an individualized school planner?

What is an individualized school planner? You may have seen one at another school. But what exactly do the notebooks actually do? What makes an individualized school planner?

More than just homework

A well-designed school planner can do several tasks at once. Typically, the centerpiece is actually the homework area, but that is far from all. The nice thing about an individual school planner is that it is simply exactly how you need it. The content can be perfectly tailored to your school, from the cover to the back. Here we have collected a few tips on how to use school planners.

A school planner creates community

Even the first page of an individual school planner can be designed freely. There you can show your student body, your school building, or your logo. Perhaps your school even has a complete corporate design with specific colors and its own layout? Or do you have a certain guiding principle that you are particularly proud of? The school planner can serve as a corresponding figurehead and at the same time ensures that the students identify more strongly with their school.

Everything between two sides of the cover

Especially for newcomers to a school, the flood of information is enormous at first – but there is also information for older students that is always relevant. Instead of issuing different information sheets, simply bundle everything in the school planner. In this way, both pupils and parents always have a small reference book to hand, and nothing is forgotten. The same applies, of course, to the homework, which is also noted in the school planner. What information can your students, teachers, and parents still benefit from on a daily basis?

Organizational aid

A good school planner has everything to help students learn to organize themselves. There you have space to enter your homework and appointments, you can keep an overview of your grades and plan your study time. And if the organization does not work out well, the school planner acts as documentation of which areas still have to be practiced.

Communication made easy

Correspondence with the parents also often results in loose pieces of paper being passed around. However, this can be easily brought under control with the appropriate forms in the school planner. Use special contact pages to exchange information or make appointments. Excuses can also be entered on the corresponding pages and are therefore always traceable. You can have the parents sign the homework pages or let them know in this way if materials have been forgotten.

Don’t forget your homework!

The heart of the planner is usually the homework part. In contrast to “off the peg” homework books, the homework overview in a freely designed school planner can be adapted entirely to your own needs. How many lines do you need a day? Should the parents approve the homework once a week? Should the teachers be able to enter immediately whether something has been forgotten? Or are your students no longer given homework in the true sense of the word, but are supposed to document their learning progress? All of this can be shown in a separate overview.

Reference book

There is a lot that students need to memorize. You can make this work easier for them if you give them the appropriate tools. Vocabulary lists, grammar tables, and formulas can be easily integrated into the planner. Organized by subject area, the school planner can be expanded to include a small reference work. The students then always have this content at hand and can concentrate on the really important things.

What else is important

Nevertheless, be careful not to insert too much content. The planner should be handy and clear so that the students like to bring it to school and also like to use it. But that’s exactly the nice thing about an individual planner: It only contains the things that are important to you!

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