Why should school introduce a school planner for students?

You probably remember that good old homework book from your school days, in which you could write down your assignments. The system is tried and tested, so why introduce a school planner? You will probably also remember the many loose pieces of paper you had to show your parents or the excuses your parents had to give you. And even the tiniest child could have disappeared. We have put together information on how your child can benefit if they provide their school planner. 

How can a student benefit from a school planner?

With the individualized school planner, the students receive an organization tool that is perfectly tailored to their school requirements. As individual as the school is, the school planner can be designed personally! This is perfect for a student because it always has all the essential information at hand. After all, good lesson planning is necessary: We have put together an extensive library of tried and tested pages developed with experienced teachers. Of course, this offers pages for all school types and age groups: 

Independent organization

Of course, the tried and tested homework part is still the core of an individual school planner. This teaches your child to manage their time and tasks independently. The layout can be designed individually and perfectly adapted to the needs of the students. So no space is wasted with things that your child doesn’t need at all. Perhaps your child’s school no longer does homework in the true sense of the word? The students learning progress can be easily documented with appropriately adapted learning diary pages. A clear table of grades can supplement this part at the end. So your child always knows where they stand at a glance. Well organized and structured is the best way to learn! 

Maintain an overview of yourself

Would you like to make sure that your child does their homework and exercises regularly? Let your child show you the school planner. In this way, you are always aware of your child’s learning progress and whether they are working conscientiously. The planner can also simplify communication between you and the teachers. With dedicated contact pages, you can leave comments or make appointments with teachers. 

Information at your fingertips

Many schools integrate their house rules, information on the use of computers and other devices, and important dates such as parenting days or school parties in their school planner. The unique design of the planner ensures that it only contains information that your child needs. The planner is, therefore, a readily available, precise collection that makes administration easy.

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Useful forms

Is your child sick, and you have to excuse them? You will find information on how to go on in a comprehensive planner. For example, integrated apology pages provide pre-printed forms that you need to fill out. Your child can then take the planner to their teacher for signature. Sports certificates can also be easily managed in this way and are not lost. If you are a member of the school’s support association: This information can also be printed out together with a registration form! 

Handy reference work

A fully-equipped school planner can also be used as an aid in class. Our online library contains many help pages for a wide variety of subjects – of course, adapted to different age groups. For example, vocabulary lists, calculation tables, or the periodic table of the elements can be integrated into the planner. All pages can also be changed individually to use the same terms in the classroom and in the textbooks. 


Of course, the planner is not only good support in class. A school planner can also be the ideal companion in homeschooling, which is currently with us again and again and can help your child to organize.

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