7 Things that are more Important in Your studies than your grades

GradesEach semester the material becomes more extensive and complex. The exams are becoming more and more difficult to pass. For most students, it is, therefore, a real challenge to get good grades. At most, they scratch the limit of 2, but are mainly in the range between 3.0 and 4.0. Many are therefore dissatisfied and worry about their other path. We can assure you that at least eight things are more important in your studies than your grades. You don’t believe us. Read for yourself.


With most exams, it is like this: You press all of the subject matter into your head in a short time, and three days after the exam, you have long since forgotten it. You do not study to find the content in your memory years later but achieve the best possible test result. In the end, you will have a certificate promoting all these skills – but which of them are you good at? In the course of study, the aim should be to acquire content without help and become more intelligent. Isn’t it more important to keep some of the study content?


The main thing is that you complete your degree at all. Whether you have completed the Bachelor or Master with 2.3 or 3.3 is of secondary importance for the time being. Both correspond to a university degree. Even if it is “only” a 3.3, from now on, you can proudly claim to have a Bachelor’s (or Master’s). With this, you are one step ahead of those who are still studying or who have dropped out of their studies.


Your grades play a subordinate role in the selection of employees. It is much more vital that you have work experience. In most of the subjects, there is no practical experience at all, or it is neglected. For this reason, use your free time during the semester or the lecture-free time to change that. 

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In addition to professional experience, qualities such as social skills, willingness to learn, motivation, and the ability to work in a team are more important than grades. You will learn social skills and the ability to work in a team, for example, through group work. By organizing your studies independently and bite through, even when it gets uncomfortable, you have a lot to offer a company.

Of course, a recruiter never completely neglects your grades, but these can be upgraded with a convincing cover letter in the job interview.


In addition to piles of paper and PowerPoint, term papers, and exams, you will experience a lot during your studies. Some evenings, pictures, or even just moments will stay in your memory forever. Perhaps you moved to a lovely city for your studies or traveled to an extraordinary country. Maybe you had a botched date or an extremely embarrassing story that you will remember years later. You tell anecdotes from your student days, and you laugh your stomach off. Being able to know of unforgettable experiences is much more important than any number.


You only really get to know yourself during your studies. By trying and experimenting, you will find out what is important to you in life. Did you choose this path because you wanted to do it yourself, or did your parents have a decisive influence on it? In which job can you imagine you will be happy? You can answer many of these questions at the end of your studies. In addition, having a solid personality is essential for yourself and a relevant factor in a job interview.


If you don’t have fun in your studies, your quality of life will decline. Not all topics at the university are fascinating, but your studies shouldn’t be a single torment. It is also essential to keep the balance between free time and studying. Studying consists of more than miserable long hours in the library and all night working through materials. It would be best if you didn’t miss getting to know people, making friends, celebrating parties, and a series of marathons.


So there are far higher and more important things than grades. Good grades improve your chances of getting an interview, but they’re not the most important thing. A degree should not only advance you intellectually but also promote your personal development. And there should never be a lack of fun anyway! 

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